Children & Fun

What I also enjoy, is making kinetic artwork and gadgets for children's rooms.
Of course, these wooden gadgets may also be in the living room of the adults. 😊


Woodpecker is a kinetic piece of art which is always fun to look at.
Super nice for children's rooms or a waiting area.
To guarantee high quality, I used birch wood in combination with aluminum.

They are available in the color scheme as shown in the video, or with non-painted blank wood so you can color it yourself.

Construction year: 2020
Dimensions: 52 cm. high x 7 cm. wide.
For sale: 2x sold / 1x painted on stock
Price painted: € 85,- incl. Tax
Price non-painted: € 55,- incl. Tax (build after order)


I played the pan flute for a few years and thought "lets build my own miniature pan flute".
It was not easy, but the result is beautiful.
The flute is tuned in G and starts with F#.

The next pan flute challenge will be a 22 tubes Alto G1 - G4.

Construction year: 2020
# made: 1