Welcome to Sculpera

Sculpera offers beautiful handmade kinetic artwork in a variety of shapes and motions.

All of the sculptures are made of wood and a few metal parts. Some of them are driven by a spring or a weight to come in motion for hours, showing different beautiful patterns, while others are hanging and slowly move when there is an airflow.

The user options are endless.


About the artist

My name is Peter Verhaart.
Born 1974 and living in the Netherlands.

My whole life I have been doing creative things like draw, paint and make stone and wooden sculptures.

In 2009 I became inspired by kinetic art, after seeing a movie on YouTube.

That was the time I started making kinetic art. It turned out to be harder than I initially thought. The first few years I've been trying to get the technique under control.

After making various works and getting a lot of positive responses, I decided to offer them to a wider audience than just family and friends.

Please enjoy my works of art which I exhibit on this website.

The   materials

The artworks are made of hard birch wood and are powered by either a weight or spring with a constant torque, called a motor spring. These springs have a continuous force, no matter how far you wind up the spring. This gives me the opportunity to precisely balance the artworks, so they will run for hours, showing different beautiful fluent patterns. Even when these works of art are not moving, they are beautiful to look at.

Because there is no involvement of electricity or motors, they need to be tuned precisely to work well.

Another interesting feature is that all the mechanical parts of the drive mechanisms are clearly visible and can also be heard by the clicking sounds.

These works of art will be a real eye-catcher in your living room, shop, office or waiting room.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed building them.